LAMP ministries

LAMP Catholic Ministries (Lay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor) is a lay missionary association and ecclesial movement, comprised of persons who serve among the materially poor with a focus on witnessing to the love of God through Jesus (evangelization). This is a call from the Holy Spirit to move with Jesus and Mary’s compassionate Heartbeat for the poor. Single men and women and married couples experience this call to a full or part-time commitment of at least one full year, with the possibility to serve for many years, or a lifetime, to assist in materially poor parishes, serve with homeless families, and evangelize at other sites of poverty.

LAMP Ministries has worked with the Parish of Holy Cross-Saint John the Baptist for many years. Under the supervision of Ed Greene, lay missionaries have led Scripture-based faith sharing, Bible studies, and holy hours in fellowship with the poor and homeless of our neighborhood. They do street evangelization, meeting our poor neighbors wherever they are spiritually, physically, and emotionally. They do tabling outside of Holy Cross, offering pamphlets and prayers as well as religious items to all passers-by. 

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