Blessed St. Padre Pio Oil Testimonials

In 2014 a friend, Laura,  gave me the book "The Medal" which is based on a true story of healing through the intercession of Padre Pio. She also gave me the book" Pray, Hope and Don't Worry", true stories of Padre Pio.  After reading these books, I started going to mass regularly and was back to praying the daily Rosary.  At this time I had also realized that our church had a beautiful stained glass window of Padre Pio (which I had never noticed before) right at the entry way into church.  I also noticed a beautiful statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus near the church, which I had seen but never stopped to look at and did not notice who it was. Padre Pio had a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart!

I attended a Padre Pio prayer group at Maria Regina church in Seaford run by Anthony Fuina.  I had read this story and wanted to meet the man healed by Padre Pio.  Anthony had been directly healed by Padre Pio years after Padre Pio had died. Anthony had gone to Rome to give his testimony.  

I said a prayer to Padre Pio asking him to be the Spiritual Father of our family.

At my Moms one day, we were going through a box of very old pictures.  My mom was in her 90's (born in 1923) and these pictures were gone through many      many times through the years by the family, which included myself and seven siblings. These pictures were ripped, wrinkled and not in great shape.  We had        pulled pictures from here when my grandparents died, when my dad died, when my brother died and when my sister died, as well as other relatives.   In addition, we would go through these pictures at different times recalling old family memories. I am in my 50's and this box has been around for as long as i can remember! 

In 2016, My mom and I were going through these pictures and I found an 8x10 black and white picture of Padre Pio during the consecration of the mass.This picture was in perfect condition, found in the middle of the box of pictures.  I asked my mom if she knew where it came from but she did not know, had never seen it and did not know who it was.  My Mom was of perfectly sound mind!!  She said I could have this picture which I had blessed and put in my home.

A few months later as my mom and I went through these same pictures, we found two more pictures of Padre Pio in perfect condition...the same picture.  My Mom and I were both taken back now thinking, where did they come from and how are they in such perfect condition?  One of these pictures I put in my moms living room where we had moved her bed, since she was now bedridden.

My Uncle, who was in his eighties came to visit my Mom one day. He saw the picture in her living room of Padre Pio.  He told us that he had taken my Dad to a Padre Pio healing mass in NYC prior to his death in 1976. My Mom and family had never known of this.

In early 2018 as I was getting my moms clothes from her closet, something I had done for years, on the shelf was a book on"Padre Pio the Stigmata".  It was the only thing on the shelf, I had never seen it before and my Mom did not know where it came from.  

The last week of my Moms life we spent praying for her as she lay in her living room.  The picture of Padre Pio was there.  We had a relic of Padre Pio, Padre Pio's prayer Card and The Divine Mercy picture on my Mom the entire time.  

On January 21, 2019 my Nephew who is in his 30"s and my daughter who is in her 20"s both smelled fresh flowers in the room.  Although many others were in the room, including myself, no one else smelled this.  This Odor of Sanctity is a sign from Padre Pio that he is with you.

On January 22, 2019 my Mom passed away.  This same evening after we had gotten home, my family was going through the Same box of pictures and came across the Fourth picture of Padre Pio!  The same picture and again in perfect condition!  As my son in law left our home that night and was getting into his jeep, he stopped and smelled tobacco for ten to fifteen seconds, which is another sign of the Odor of Sanctity from Padre Pio.  As my family continued to go through these pictures as to memorialize my Mom at her wake, we found the Fifth picture of Padre Pio! Again, the same picture and in perfect condition.

On January 25, 2019 at my Moms wake, I was sharing some of this story with a friend.  My friend, Laura, who had originally given me the books on Padre Pio joined in on the conversation.  That same night as Laura and her husband drove home they went past our church where the Funeral Mass would be so that they would know its location for the next morning.  Outside of this church is a beautiful, life size statue of Padre Pio.  As they continued driving and were about half way home, they both said at the same time...."do you smell that?"  Their car was engulfed with the sweet smell of fresh flowers for about thirty seconds. Again, the Odor of Sanctity of Padre Pio.  

Padre Pio has brought me back to my faith, back to Mass, back to the daily Rosary and to praying the Divine Mercy on a daily basis. 

Through this information on Padre Pio, I give you permission to share and/or  print any and all of this information to share with others.


About 2 month ago, I received a cellophane envelope containing a small amount of  some relic-blessed oil which was included in an informational mailing from The Shrine of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

The information and envelope of oil had laid on my desk for some time. One evening I re-discovered it, and because I was in extreme discomfort from having one of my prolonged episodes of having a "tick" in my neck.  That particular evening the pain was terrible!  I have had this condition for many years and no medical or neurological doctor could diagnose it or treat it. I looked at the envelope and said the prayer (included) and opened it. I then began to vigorously rub the oil into the "tick" area.  I immediately felt a penetrating warmth in my neck and forgot about this event for several days.  One evening, that same week,  I recalled that I had no pain since the time when I applied the oil, AND HAVE NOT HAD THE "TICK" OR PAIN SINCE.  I can only attribute "my miracle" to the power of St. Pio and this blessed oil. It has now been over three weeks and I have not had any neck pain.

Thank You St. Padre Pio and Praise God!  

I have since ordered more oil from the Shrine and will be gifting it to family members so they too can experience the relief and blessings I have received.

Please continue doing this wonderful work.

Blessings and a tick/pain free,
Jim P.
Appleton, Wisconsin

Hi Robert... you asked me to write and tell our story about using the Padre Pio Blessed Oil.  My husband, Bill, was suspected of having Mesothelioma in late January of this year.  He was being sent for various tests and doctors to confirm the diagnosis. And once confirmed we were sent to the best surgeon in NY, Dr Flores in Mt Sinai.  (He has sent the gold standard for this surgery) The surgery was scheduled for April 9 - the day after our 51st wedding anniversary. 

My dearest, and oldest friend,  gave us a bottle of the Padre Pio Oil when we told her about the diagnosis, and I started using the oil on my finger to make the sign of the cross on Bill chest over his right lung every night, and we praytogether. We recited "The Miracle Prayer" (see copy at the end of this email) that was given to me by one of the priests in our parish, St Columba, Hopewell Junction.  He was transferred shortly after he gave me the prayer... made me feel like he was there when I needed him and then off to help someone else, somewhere else! Bill and & I had never prayed together before, even 20 years ago when he was very seriously injured at work, also a life or death issue, but this time is different!

Bill is a non practicing Lutheran and I am a practicing Catholic. Of course basic beliefs are the same. I was praying so hard, begging God that when they operated they would not find the Mesothelioma... but they did find it, and they removed the entire lining of his right lung.  He came home a week later.  After recovering from the surgery, he then had to endure Radiation treatments for five weeks and the side effects were awful and are still with him, as he has Pneumonitis and is on steroid meds for the shortness of breath and coughing, both from the Pneumonitis. 

I am still anointing him with the Padre Pio Oil and we pray together every night. 

He recently had another CT scan and the Oncologist said there is NO CANCER on that scan... she only sees the Pneumonitis.  He will get his next PET scan in a couple months.  So while I was so busy praying that when they operated they would not find the cancer, instead God had a different plan, and it took me until  a couple days after we got the scan results to realize OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!  (Silly human, I AM sure that I must make God giggle at me!)

I hope this email is the information that you asked for... please reach out to me either by email or phone. . If there is anything you need me to add....

It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day!
Jo D.