Blessed St. Padre Pio Oil Testimonials

About 2 month ago, I received a cellophane envelope containing a small amount of  some relic-blessed oil which was included in an informational mailing from The Shrine of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

The information and envelope of oil had laid on my desk for some time. One evening I re-discovered it, and because I was in extreme discomfort from having one of my prolonged episodes of having a "tick" in my neck.  That particular evening the pain was terrible!  I have had this condition for many years and no medical or neurological doctor could diagnose it or treat it. I looked at the envelope and said the prayer (included) and opened it. I then began to vigorously rub the oil into the "tick" area.  I immediately felt a penetrating warmth in my neck and forgot about this event for several days.  One evening, that same week,  I recalled that I had no pain since the time when I applied the oil, AND HAVE NOT HAD THE "TICK" OR PAIN SINCE.  I can only attribute "my miracle" to the power of St. Pio and this blessed oil. It has now been over three weeks and I have not had any neck pain.

Thank You St. Padre Pio and Praise God!  

I have since ordered more oil from the Shrine and will be gifting it to family members so they too can experience the relief and blessings I have received.

Please continue doing this wonderful work.

Blessings and a tick/pain free,
Jim P.
Appleton, Wisconsin